Quick Answer: What Is A Synonym For Thunderous?

What’s another word for lightning?

Lightning Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for lightning?boltfulminationforked lightningsheet lightningflash of lightning2 more rows.

What is the scientific term for lightning?

A typical cloud-to-ground lightning flash culminates in the formation of an electrically conducting plasma channel through the air in excess of 5 km (3.1 mi) tall, from within the cloud to the ground’s surface. … The science of lightning is called fulminology, and the fear of lightning is called astraphobia.

What roar means?

to utter a loud, deep cry or howl, as in excitement, distress, or anger. to laugh loudly or boisterously: to roar at a joke. to make a loud sound or din, as thunder, cannon, waves, or wind. to function or move with a loud, deep sound, as a vehicle: The automobile roared away.

What is the meaning of boomed?

[ I or T ] to make a very deep and loud hollow sound: The cannons boomed (out) in the night. He boomed (out) an order to the soldiers. Sounds made by objects, movement or impact.

Is thundering a word?

adjective. of, relating to, or accompanied by thunder. producing a noise or effect like thunder. very great; extraordinary: a thundering amount of work.

What is the antonym of thunderous?

Antonyms of THUNDEROUS dreamy, low, peaceful, hushed, quiet, calm, softened, silent, soothing, gentle, dead, muffled, toned, muted, propitious, restful.

What is a synonym for puny?

1’we grew up puny, with bad chests’ SYNONYMS. undersized, underdeveloped, undernourished, underfed, stunted, slight, small, little, diminutive, dwarfish, pygmy. weak, feeble, weakly, sickly, delicate, frail, fragile. informal weedy, pint-sized.

What word is the same as talk loudly?

What is another word for talk loudly?exclaimraise your voiceassert oneselfspeak loudlyspeak clearlyraise one’s voicespeak more loudlysing outcall at the top of one’s voice8 more rows

What is the opposite word of loud?

What is the opposite of loud?quietinaudiblesilenthushedsoftindistinctlow-pitchedmuffledmutemuted55 more rows

How would you describe thunder and lightning in a story?

You can bring these sound effects to your descriptions by using onomatopoeia, a device where words mimic the sounds of their meaning. For example, if a thunderstorm figures prominently in your story, the thunder could “rumble” or “boom,” rain could “patter” against the windows” and wind could “rush” across a field.

What is the opposite of lightning?

positronsThe opposite of lightning might be the accumulation of positrons — which are anti-matter equivalents of the electron. They carry a positive charge, instead of a negative charge.

What does tumultuous mean?

adjective. full of tumult or riotousness; marked by disturbance and uproar: a tumultuous celebration. raising a great clatter and commotion; disorderly or noisy: a tumultuous crowd of students. highly agitated, as the mind or emotions; distraught; turbulent.

What is a fancy word for loud?

loud1’there was loud music in the lounge’ SYNONYMS. noisy, blaring, booming, deafening, roaring, thunderous, thundering, tumultuous, clamorous, blasting, head-splitting, ear-splitting, ear-piercing, piercing. … 2’the resulting congestion of business led to loud complaints of the law’s delays’ SYNONYMS. … 3’a loud T-shirt’

What is another name for thunder?

What is another word for thunder?boomboomingclapcrackdindischargedrumfirefulminationoutburstpeal30 more rows

What is the name of Zeus lightning bolt?

Zeus’s Lightning Bolt (a.k.a. Thunderbolt, a.k.a. Master bolt) is the signature weapon and symbol of power for the Olympian god of thunder; Zeus. It is said to be the most powerful and feared weapon on Earth and in the Heavens.

What is the lightning symbol?

The bolt of lightning is a traditional symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance; it also represents a punishment of humans by the gods from the skies, most commonly attributed to Zeus, king of the gods.

What is the meaning of thunderous?

adjective. producing thunder or a loud noise like thunder: thunderous applause.

What is the word for loud in music?

The two basic dynamic indications in music are: p or piano, meaning “soft”. f or forte, meaning “loud or strong”.