Quick Answer: What Does Contemplating Life Mean?

How can I be full of life?

Here are 101 ways to live your life to the fullest:Live every day on a fresh new start.

Be true to who you are.

Quit complaining.

Be proactive.

Rather than think “what if,” think “next time.” Don’t think about the things you can’t change.

Focus on WHAT vs.

Create your own opportunities.

Live consciously each day.More items….

What’s another word for contemplating?

What is another word for contemplate?considerponderruminatestudythink aboutturnweighmeditate overreflect aboutanticipate203 more rows

What is contemplative spirituality?

Contemplative or mystical practice is a longstanding and integral part of the life of Christian churches. In the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the predominant form is hesychasm (“stillness”). In both eastern and western Christianity it is part of mystical practices.

What is another word for meditate?

Some common synonyms of meditate are muse, ponder, and ruminate.

What is another word for thinking deeply?

What is another word for think deeply?meditatecontemplateconsiderdeliberatepondercogitateruminatemusereflectrevolve238 more rows

What does contemplate marriage mean?

To have in mind as an intention or possibility: contemplate marriage; forced by the accident to contemplate retirement.

Are you contemplating meaning?

The definition of contemplating refers to thinking deeply about or to gaze intently at something. An example of contemplating is when you are considering going to college.

What is another word for ponder?

Some common synonyms of ponder are meditate, muse, and ruminate. While all these words mean “to consider or examine attentively or deliberately,” ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter.

What is a consider?

verb (used with object) to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on: He considered the cost before buying the new car. to regard as or deem to be: I consider the story improbable. to think, believe, or suppose: We consider his reply unsatisfactory.

How do you use the word contemplate?

Examples of contemplate in a Sentence He contemplated the meaning of the poem for a long time. I’d like some time to just sit and contemplate. She stood and quietly contemplated the scene that lay before her.

What are the 5 types of prayer?

The basic forms of prayer are adoration, contrition, thanksgiving and supplication, abbreviated as A.C.T.S….v.t.e.

What is a contemplative person?

The contemplative life is one filled with deep and serious thought, and is often associated with monks, nuns, philosophers, and theorists. … Some kinds of poetry and music are described as contemplative, especially if they give you space to daydream or think about their themes.

What’s the difference between contemplation and meditation?

In discursive meditation, mind and imagination and other faculties are actively employed in an effort to understand our relationship with God. In contemplative prayer, this activity is curtailed, so that contemplation has been described as “a gaze of faith”, “a silent love”.

How do you describe someone who is full of life?

Lively is an adjective derived from the noun “life,” and it basically means “full of life.” A lively party is exciting and entertaining. A lively person has an energetic personality, is always on alert, and prefers being active as opposed to just hanging around.

What’s another word for full of life?

What is another word for full of life?activeanimatedlivelyperkyspiritedvigorousvivaciousbouncypeppygay234 more rows

What does contemplating mean?

to look at or view with continued attention; observe or study thoughtfully: to contemplate the stars. to consider thoroughly; think fully or deeply about: to contemplate a difficult problem. … to have in view as a future event: to contemplate buying a new car.

What does being full of life mean?

Adj. 1. full of life – full of spirit; “a dynamic full of life woman”; “a vital and charismatic leader”; “this whole lively world” vital, lively. animated, alive – having life or vigor or spirit; “an animated and expressive face”; “animated conversation”; “became very animated when he heard the good news”