Quick Answer: Is Simple Mobile Any Good?

Can I put my T Mobile SIM card in a simple mobile phone?

Use your unlocked GSM OR T-Mobile-compatible phone with SIMPLE MOBILE and get nationwide coverage on a lightning-fast network.

No matter you phone’s SIM card size – nano, micro or standard – we got you!.

Is Tracfone compatible with Simple Mobile?

Tracfone Wireless, Inc. today announced that it has completed its previously-announced acquisition of Simple Mobile. Simple Mobile provides no-contract, SIM-only service on T-Mobile’s GSM/HSPA+ network.

Is simple mobile really unlimited?

Data Speed While Simple Mobile’s Truly Unlimited plans offer unlimited talk, text and unlimited high-speed data. However, if you’re using your phone as a hotspot, you’ll be throttled after you reach the 10GB threshold. The hotspot feature is currently available on both the $50 and $60 Truly Unlimited plans.

Is simple mobile better than straight talk?

Simple Mobile really blows Straight Talk out of the water. Simple Mobile customers can get the same 2-line plan for $75. And the prices get better with each line you add. Overall, Simple Mobile’s family plans aren’t just better than Straight Talk’s but among the most competitively priced out of all carriers.

How can I get free simple mobile service?

Text∆ PLAN to 611611 to learn more about your account.If you have lost your job and are receiving unemployment benefits, or if you are a participant in Snap or Medicaid you may qualify for free wireless minutes and data from SafeLink. … Learn more about our products here: … Learn more about our services here:More items…

Who has the best cell phone coverage?

Verizon Wireless: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Without question, Verizon’s 4G LTE network has the best coverage, with 70% nationwide coverage, followed by AT&T with 68%, T-Mobile with 62%, and Sprint with 30%. Because of Verizon’s robust network coverage, Let’s Talk ranks Verizon as the winner, with the most coast-to-coast coverage.

Which network does simple mobile use?

T-Mobile’sThis MVNO runs on T-Mobile’s network, meaning it uses T-Mobile’s existing infrastructure for its service. Simple Mobile offers no phones of its own and relies on its customers to come up with their own hardware.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with simple mobile?

To check if your phone is compatible with our network, text the word BYOP to 611611 here.

Does Simple Mobile have 5g?

SIMPLE IS 5G READY 5G-Capable device and SIM required. Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. During congestion, Simple Mobile customers may notice reduced speeds vs T-Mobile customers.

What carrier is TracFone compatible with?

With TracFone’s Bring Your Own Phone program, you can get TracFone service on your current phone as long as it is compatible. Compatible phones include: GSM Unlocked phones, AT&T-compatible phones, T-Mobile-compatible phones, Verizon-compatible phones, and some CDMA Technology compatible phones.

What is the cheapest simple mobile plan?

SIMPLE Mobile $25 plan – $25.00 The $25 plan is perfect if you want to keep things simple! Unlimited nationwide Talk, Text and Int’l Text, plus calls to and from Mexico††, with NO ROAMING CHARGES, no contracts and no compromises.

Is MetroPCS better than simple mobile?

Well, their data plans are pretty good, with reasonable prices. If you’re wondering about how Simple Mobile holds up versus MetroPCS, their multi-line discount is good if you like the extra 5GB of data cap and a 10GB hotspot; less so in comparison to MetroPCS if you don’t care about those things.

Is simple mobile legit?

But the carrier also gets some good notices online, with helpful YouTube hands-on videos that show the service actually works and offers good download speeds. Reviews.org gives Simple a 2.5-star rating, praising its pricing, but criticizing the carrier’s unlimited offerings.

Does Walmart have simple mobile?

Simple Mobile Phones & Plans – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

How much is simple Mobile Unlimited plan?

Simple Mobile offers up five different unlimited plans ranging from $25 a month to $60 a month. Our advice: aim for the $40 unlimited plan or cheaper. If you’re paying more than that, you might as well opt for a better unlimited provider.

What phones are compatible with Simple Mobile?

BLU VIEW 1.Coolpad Illumina.Google Pixel 4 128GB. Google Pixel 4 64GB. Google Pixel 4 XL 128GB. Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB. … Kyocera DuraXT.LG Arena 2. LG Aristo 4+ LG Aristo 5. LG G7 Fit. … Motorola Edge 5G. Motorola Edge+ Motorola Moto E (2020) Motorola Moto E6. … Nokia 2.2. Nokia 2.3. Nokia 3 V. … OnePlus 7T. OnePlus 8 5G. OnePlus 8 Pro.More items…•

Can I use a locked T mobile phone on simple mobile?

If you own a phone that is compatible with T-Mobile it will work just fine on Simple Mobile as long as it is out of contract and paid off in full. … Universally unlocked phones from manufacturer’s such as Motorola and Samsung are also compatible.