Quick Answer: How Do I Check If My DVD Drive Is Working Windows 10?

How do I fix the CD DVD icon not showing up on my computer?

[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer WindowType regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter.

It’ll open Registry Editor.Now go to following key: …

Look for “UpperFilters” and “LowerFilters” strings in right-side pane.

Restart the system and now you should have access to your optical drives..

How do I find the D drive on my computer?

Go to Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management and see if your D drive is listed there. If so, hover your mouse over the D drive icon until a text message appears and then copy down that message EXACT as it reads in the order presented and post it here.

How do I get my Windows 10 to play DVDs automatically?

Open Settings app and click on Devices. Select AutoPlay from the left side. To enable AutoPlay, move the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices button to On. Next, you can choose and set your AutoPlay defaults.

How do I boot from DVD?

Steps are provided below:Boot mode should be selected as UEFI (Not Legacy)Secure Boot set to Off. … Go to the ‘Boot’ tab in the BIOS and select Add Boot option. ( … A new window will appear with ‘blank’ boot option name. ( … Name it “CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive” … Press < F10 > key to save settings and restart.The system will restart.More items…•

Why is my computer not showing my DVD drive?

Reinstall Drivers Expand CD/DVD-ROM Drives, then right-click on the device and click Uninstall. … If your hardware is not even showing up in the Device Manager, then you may actually have a hardware problem, such as a faulty connection or a dead drive. It’s worth checking this option out if the computer is old.

How do I check my DVD drive in BIOS?

On the Startup Menu screen, press F10 to access the BIOS Setup Utility, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to the Storage tab. Use the arrow keys to select Device Configuration, then press Enter. Look for a CD/DVD drive entry in the Device Configuration sub-screen.

How do I fix my DVD drive not reading?

Confirm the drive is listed in Device Manager, and then reinstall the device to resolve any error states.Remove any disc from the drive.In Windows, search for and open Device Manager.Double-click DVD/CD-ROM drives to expand the category. … Right-click the drive name, and then select Uninstall device or Uninstall.More items…

Where is media player in Windows 10?

Windows Media Player in Windows 10. To find WMP, click Start and type: media player and select it from the results at the top. Alternately, you can right-click the Start button to bring up the hidden quick access menu and choose Run or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+R. Then type: wmplayer.exe and hit Enter.

What is UEFI boot mode?

Your system is equipped with UEFI BIOS, which is based on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) specification. … For this reason, the system can be configured to boot in Legacy BIOS Boot Mode or UEFI Boot Mode. Legacy BIOS Boot Mode is the default.

How do I know if my CD drive is working?

How Do I Tell If My CD Drive Is Working?Press the button to open the CD-ROM drive. The drive should open to accept a CD.Insert a CD into the CD-ROM drive tray. Press the button to close the tray. … Observe the front of the CD-ROM drive. The operation light should be lit or blinking, and you may be able to hear the drive mechanism spinning the CD.

Why can’t I play dvds on Windows 10?

You may come across the problem that your DVD won’t play on Windows 10 when you insert your disc into the disc drive. The causes of this problem can be that your Windows 10 does not have a proper DVD playback software, or that something is wrong with your CD/DVD drive.

How do I test my DVD drive in Windows 10?

Verify the optical disk drive is recognized in Device ManagerPress the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.In the Run dialog box, type devmgmt. msc then press the Enter key.In the Device Manager window, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives. Verify that the optical disk drive is listed.

How do I enable my DVD drive?

1 Click Start, and then click Run. 2 In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK. 4 In the right pane, double-click Start. Then change the Value data box to 1 in order to enable the CD/DVD-ROM or to 4 to disable.

Does Windows 10 have built in DVD player?

The Windows DVD Player enables Windows 10 PCs with an optical disc drive to play DVD movies (but not Blu-ray discs). You can buy it in the Microsoft Store. … If you’re running Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro, you can search for a DVD player app in Microsoft Store.

How do I install Windows 10 from BIOS?

Save your settings, reboot your computer and you should now be able to install Windows 10.Step 1 – Enter your computer’s BIOS. … Step 2 – Set your computer to boot from DVD or USB. … Step 3 – Choose the Windows 10 clean install option. … Step 4 – How to find your Windows 10 license key. … Step 5 – Select your hard disk or SSD.