Question: Do Sprint Magic Boxes Work?

Is Sprint magic box really free?

Magic Box is free to use and there are no upfront costs.

However, if you do not plug in and use your Magic Box or return it, you can be charged a $140 fee.

Refer to next question if you wish to initiate a return or call Sprint Customer Care at 1-888-211-4727..

Does Sprint magic box need Internet?

The small cell — dubbed the Sprint Magic Box — is designed to be plugged in without installation, router, or Wi-Fi. The Magic Box covers 30,000 square feet inside and extends to 100 meters outside. Businesses will get access to Sprint’s Magic Box first and then consumers will follow.

What does a sprint magic box do?

One Sprint Magic Box provides average coverage of 30,000 square feet indoors and can benefit adjacent Sprint customers inside the building. The signal can also extend coverage 100 meters outside a building, so Sprint customers in nearby buildings and areas will see improvements as well in the network performance.

How do you use the Sprint magic box?

The Sprint Magic Box is a compact unit placed on your windowsill to take Sprint signal from outdoors and boost it indoors!PLEASE PRESS THE AREA INDICATED BY THE ARROWS FOR FIVE SECONDS AND.RELEASE. THE USER DISPLAY SHOULD RESPOND WITHIN 30 SECONDS.Once your set up is complete you can remove this label.